Every parent wants to give their children the best possible start in life. That's why the Government is boosting assistance for working families to help cover education costs.

Helping with education costs

Helping with education costs


Education Tax Refund

Sarah and Michael have worked hard to provide every opportunity for their two children, Petra, who's about to start secondary school in Victoria, and her brother Jack, now in grade three.

Under the Government's Education Tax Refund, Sarah and Michael can claim 50 per cent of the cost of the new $1,500 laptop computer they're buying for Petra, a refund of $750.

They'll also be able to claim Jack's education software and school textbooks up to the value of $750, receiving up to $375 as a refund when they fill out their tax return.

By the time both children have finished secondary school, Sarah and Michael will have been able to claim back up to $10,875 in educational expenses through the Education Tax Refund.

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To help families meet the cost of educating their children for the future, the Government will introduce a new 50 per cent Education Tax Refund from 1 July 2008 at a cost of around $4.4 billion over the next 4 years.

Parents entitled to Family Tax Benefit Part A, or whose school children receive Youth Allowance or similar payment, will be able to claim:

  • a 50 per cent tax refund of up to $750 in educational expenses for each child undertaking primary school studies (that is, a refund of up to $375 per child, per year)
  • a 50 per cent tax refund of up to $1,500 in education expenses for each student undertaking secondary school studies (that is, a refund of up to $750 per child, per year).

Parents can simply claim the refund against eligible expenses incurred from 1 July 2008, when they complete their 2008‑09 income tax return.

The Government will also roll out universal access to early learning for all four‑year‑olds by 2013. The Government will fund 15 hours per week for 40 weeks per year of play‑based learning and development programs.

Helping with education costs