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Planting the seeds for future growth

A focus on people, their skills and innovative potential

Investing in education and innovation to grow the knowledge economy

Fashioning sustainable infrastructure that adds lasting economic value

Building a future through an education and innovation revolution

This Budget continues the Government's drive for a world‑class education system and an innovative knowledge‑based economy.

It builds on investments in early childhood, schools and vocational education and training and continues to support both public and private sector innovation.

This document summarises the Australian Government's response to the Review of Australian Higher Education and the Review of the National Innovation System.

It clearly outlines the Australian Government's aim to build a stronger, fairer and more productive Australia.

We need to invest in the building blocks of education and innovation so Australia is a world leader in the jobs of the future. This Government has increased education spending by around 50 per cent in real terms over the current five year period compared to the previous one. This funding includes significant investment in capital infrastructure for tertiary education and schools modernisation.

Education spending over time* (2008 dollars)

Chart: Education spending over time* (2008 dollars)

* Education sub‑function totals, excluding student income support payments.