Putting industry at the heart of the training effort

The Government is investing $3 billion over six years in training to meet emerging skills shortages, including $1.75 billion for reform of the training system.

Partnering with industry to deliver skills in demand

The Government is putting industry at the heart of the training effort to help meet emerging skills shortages.

A $558 million National Workforce Development Fund will deliver around 130,000 high quality training places directly tailored to industry skills needs.

The training will require co‑investment from industry, recognising the shared responsibility for training between the Government and industry.

The new fund will focus on high need industries and critical occupations, with the resources

construction and aged care sectors identified as immediate priorities.

Grants will be provided through a competitive process that will require a commitment from employers to contribute a targeted average of 50 per cent to the cost of training.

The Fund will also seek to address the diverse skills needs of regional Australia by ensuring a fair share of funding is directed at supporting regional employers, workers, apprentices and job seekers in areas of skills needs.

Recognising skills hotspots

The Fund will be supported by the establishment of a new National Workforce and Productivity Agency from 1 July 2012. The Agency will work closely with industry to identify critical skills needs and build a more skilled and capable workforce.

Basic employment skills

The Government will invest $143 million to improve the basic employment skills of job seekers by providing 30,000 additional places in the Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program.


Chart: Strong demand for skilled trades

Strong demand for skilled trades