Making every school a great school

The Government believes that every student in every school deserves a great education and is investing $60 billion over the next four years to achieve this.

Promoting high performance in teaching

Research shows that quality teaching is the single most important school based contributor to student achievement. This Budget invests $872 million in our schools and delivers on two election commitments to continue the Government's support for high quality teaching.

Rewarding our great teachers

The National Rewards for Great Teachers program will provide $425 million over the next four years, with $125 million each semester from 2014, to reward top performing teachers with a bonus of up to 10 per cent of their salary.

New pathways into teaching

The Teach Next initiative will invest $18.1 million to provide a new pathway into a teaching career for professionals with specialist qualifications or relevant experience to enhance the diversity of the teaching workforce and to promote 'real‑world' links in the classroom.

Investing in our children's future

These measures build on the Government's ambitious reform agenda for Australia's schools.

We have almost doubled school investment, providing $64.9 billion over four years compared to $32.9 billion provided by the previous government.

The Government is delivering substantial investments in modernising infrastructure, enhancing school autonomy and rewarding high performing schools. It is also driving significant reforms in transparency and consistency through the My School website and national curriculum.

The Government is also investing $222 million to extend and expand the National School Chaplaincy program to provide chaplaincy and wellbeing support to students and school communities in over 3,500 Australian schools.


Graph showing Commonwealth spending on schools

Commonwealth spending on schools (2010‑11 dollars)