Advancing our national security interests

The Government will ensure that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) remains well–equipped for ongoing Defence operations, and to respond to humanitarian and disaster crises both at home and in our region.

Confronting security challenges

The 2012–13 Budget maintains Australia's efforts in confronting global security challenges, including maintaining our presence in Afghanistan and supporting stability in East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

The Government is funding new defence capabilities that are expected to be in high demand now and into the future. These investments include vital air and sea transport platforms which support current operations and build on Australia's capacity to respond to humanitarian crises and natural disasters domestically and in our region.

Maintaining Defence forces in a constrained fiscal environment

The Department of Defence will contribute to broader government savings.

But the Government remains committed to ensuring the Australian Defence forces are properly funded and equipped for operations.

There will be no adverse impact on operations in Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands. The provision of equipment to Defence personnel deployed or preparing to deploy overseas will not be adversely affected. There will be no adverse impact on the number of military personnel in the ADF.

Supporting peace in our region and around the world

The Government is playing an important role in improving global security, and the budget invests in activities which support peace and stability around the world. This includes:

  • $1.6 billion to continue Australia's military and civilian efforts in Afghanistan and the Middle East;
  • $79 million to maintain an ADF presence in East Timor during East Timorese national elections;
  • $46 million for the ADF to support stability in the Solomon Islands; and
  • a number of Australian Federal Police law enforcement capacity building deployments.


This chart shows 2010 military expenditure per capita for Australia, G7 countries and China.  The chart shows that the United States has the highest per capita expenditure, followed by Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan and then China.

2010 Military Expenditure (US$2010) Per Capita for Australia, G7 countries and China