DisabilityCare Australia — here to stay

Why we need this reform

DisabilityCare Australia, the national disability insurance scheme, will mean that for the first time, Australians with significant and permanent disability will get the support they need, when they need it.

Strong and stable funding

The Australian Government will provide $19.3 billion over seven years from 2012-13 to roll out DisabilityCare Australia across the country. This brings the Australian Government's total new investment in DisabilityCare Australia to $14.3 billion over the period.

The Australian Government will provide funding of $11.7 billion to DisabilityCare Australia in 2019‑20, the first year after full national rollout. This represents 53 per cent of the $22.2 billion total cost of running DisabilityCare Australia, with the States and Territories providing the remaining funding.

A national scheme

The Government is committed to full national rollout in 2018‑19. This would see around 460,000 people with significant and permanent disability receiving the support they need.

Total Australian Government funding for DisabilityCare Australia and other disability services

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