A historic new investment in our schools

Additional Commonwealth funding across Australia

The Budget provides an additional $9.8 billion over six years from 2014‑15 for new needs-based school funding arrangements. This funding will fundamentally change the way resources are provided — better linking funding to each student's needs. On top of this historic investment will be additional funding to ensure the smooth implementation of the reforms.

Providing additional funding is essential — because educational outcomes should not be driven by wealth and because all students should have access to high quality education regardless of their background.

This new, fairer system will help ensure that children's educational outcomes are not determined by how much their parents earn.

For all States and Territories who agree to partner with the Commonwealth in reform, the Commonwealth will provide 65 per cent of the additional funding required to bring schools up to the new Schooling Resource Standard.

The Government has made room in the Budget through targeted savings to ensure these reforms are fully funded in the long term.

Total school funding over time‑current and projected

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