Responding to the challenge of natural disasters

The Government expects to contribute $1.9 billion towards recovery and reconstruction costs in Queensland for the Cyclone Oswald response. The Government is also committing funding to strengthening our capacity to minimise damage from floods and other disasters.

Disaster relief and recovery

The Government is committed to supporting individuals, communities and local economies to help them recover and rebuild following disasters.

The Government meets up to 75 per cent of costs under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA). Assistance from 2012‑13 to 2016‑17 is estimated to total $6.2 billion, including an estimated $5.4 billion to Queensland.

Floods support package

The Government will provide $69.9 million to the 2013 Queensland Floods Support Package, including $57.2 million exceptional circumstances NDRRA funding.

This includes assistance for clean up efforts and recovery, and support for businesses, primary producers, and local councils. The Government has committed $40 million to a betterment fund to help rebuild local council assets to a more disaster resilient standard.

Assistance to individuals

Assistance totalling $216 million has been provided in 2012‑13 to people adversely affected by disasters, including the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment.

Queensland Floods Appeal

The Government provided $1 million to the 2013 appeal to assist people adversely affected by recent disasters.

Affordable insurance

The Government is investing $100 million in natural disaster mitigation to reduce insurance premiums.

A National Insurance Affordability Council will assess proposed mitigation projects, review the potential and actual impact on insurance premiums and explore ways to make flood risk data more widely available.

The Government has identified priority areas of funding, including a $7 million contribution to building the Roma levee and $10 million to upgrade flood defences in Ipswich, with further projects to be determined by the Council.

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Estimated cash payments under the NDRRA, 2012‑13 to 2016‑17