A creative Australia

Creative Australia is the Government's $235 million vision to create jobs and encourage a new generation of artists and creative businesses. The Government is also continuing its support for our National Broadcasters.

The National Cultural Policy

Creative Australia will encourage artists and creative business, promote the importance of Indigenous cultures, connect the arts to Australian life and guide funding and support for the enrichment of all Australians.

Building A Creative Community

$75.3 million will be provided to a reformed Australia Council to better reflect the modern performing arts industry.

The Government will also strengthen Australia's cultural infrastructure by providing $40 million through the Regional Development Australia Fund, which is expected to leverage a further $100 million in partnership funding.

A further $8.6 million will encourage private sector support for the Arts.

The Government will strengthen elite training for theatre, dance and music students with $30.2 million for Major Performing Arts companies and training institutions.

Indigenous culture, languages, and visual arts will be supported with $25.2 million for the revival of Australian Indigenous languages, professional development and support for Indigenous arts centres.

The creativity of Australia's youth will be harnessed with $21.1 million vocational training, traineeships, start-up business grants, and representation at community cultural events.

The local screen industry will be strengthened with $41.6 million to attract major international film production including Walt Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo.

Our National Broadcasters

This Budget delivers a further three years of base funding to ABC and SBS to ensure their unique and high quality programming services. The ABC and SBS make a significant contribution to shaping Australian culture and society.

This Budget also provides $129 million to enable the ABC to strengthen its high quality news and current affairs programing with a particular focus on events outside major cities, and enable the SBS to invest in local content.

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Creative Australia: the national cultural policy for the decade