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Budget Paper No. 1 Table of Contents
Paper Statement/Part

Budget Paper No. 1- Complete Document

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Guide to the 2002-03 Budget Papers


Statement 1: Fiscal Strategy and Budget Priorities

Part I: Overview

Part II: Fiscal strategy

Part III: Budget priorities

Statement 2: Fiscal Outlook

Budget aggregates

Variations to the fiscal balance estimates

Net debt and net worth

Cash flows

Appendix A: External reporting standards

Appendix B: Budget financial statements

Statement 3: Economic Outlook

Part I: Overview

Part II: The outlook for the international economy

Part III: The outlook for the domestic economy

Part IV: Uncertainties

Statement 4: Australia's Terms of Trade - Stronger and Less Volatile

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Terms of trade movements - causes and effects

Part III: History of the terms of trade

Part IV: Drivers of the terms of trade

Part V: Conclusions and policy implications

Statement 5: Revenue

Part I: Overview

Part II: Estimates of revenue

Appendix A: Changes in revenue since MYEFO

Appendix B: Forward estimates of revenue

Appendix C: Revenue measures

Appendix D: Tax expenditures

Appendix E: Cash revenue statistics and history

Statement 6: Expenses and Net Capital Investment


Part I: General government expenses

Part II: General government net capital investment

Appendix A: Expense measures

Appendix B: Net capital investment measures

Appendix C: Expenses statistics

Statement 7: Budget Funding

Net debt

Gross debt

Debt issue and conversion

Statement 8: Trends in Public Sector Finances

Part I: Overview

Part II: Fiscal balance

Part III: Cash surplus

Part IV: Net debt and net worth

Appendix A: Size and structure of the public sector

Appendix B: Non-financial public sector - supplementary cash tables

Statement 9: Risks to the Budget

Part I: Statement of risks

Part II: Sensitivity of fiscal aggregates to economic developments

Statement 10: External Reporting Standards and Budget Concepts

External reporting standards

Accrual GFS framework

Australian Accounting Standard No. 31 (AAS31) reporting framework

Reconciliation of GFS and AAS31 aggregates

Statement 11: Government finance statistics statements

Government finance statistics statements

Statement 12: Australian Accounting Standard No. 31 Financial Statements

AAS31 financial statements

Notes to the AAS31 financial statements

Appendix A: Additional agency statistics

Estimates of general government sector agency capital use charge and dividend payments

Statement 13: Historical Commonwealth data

Historic Commonwealth data


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