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Treasury Portfolio Budget Statements Table of Contents
Paper Statement/Part RTF PDF

Treasury Portfolio Budget Statements 2002-03


Part A: User Guide

467kB 100kB



Structure of the Portfolio Budget Statements


Styles and conventions used




Part B: Portfolio Overview

219kB 82kB

Portfolio Overview


Part C: Agency Budget Statements


Department of the Treasury

1.4MB 982kB

The Australian Bureau of Statistics

624kB 460kB

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

617kB 525kB

Australian Office of Financial Management

824kB 636kB

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

655kB 596kB

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

816kB 572kB

Australian Taxation Office

1.3MB 997kB

Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee

531kB 366kB

National Competition Council

527kB 357kB

Productivity Commission

536kB 406kB


100kB 37kB


45kB 28kB

Note: Where possible Budget documents are available in HTML, and for downloading in portable document (PDF) and rich text (RTF) formats. If you require further information on any of the tables or charts on this website, please contact Treasury