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2003-04 Budget

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Appendix C: Parameter estimates and further information

Parameter estimates used in this Paper

Table C1 sets out the population series used in this Paper.

Table C1: Population by State

Table C1:  Population by State

Table C2 sets out the parameters used in this Paper, rounded to the nearest quarter.

Table C2: Parameters

Table C2:  Parameters

The population parameters in 2002-03 and 2003-04 are based on the estimated annual growth in the Australian population to 31 December 2002 and 31 December 2003 respectively.

Some data presented in this paper are drawn from the Commonwealth Grants Commission Report on State Revenue Sharing Relativities 2003 Update, 2002-03 state mid-year budget updates and 2003-04 state budgets where available.

Further information

A number of ABS publications also provide information that is relevant to analysing Commonwealth-State financial relations, including:

  • Taxation Revenue, Australia (Cat. No. 5506.0)
  • Government Finance Statistics, Australia (Cat. No. 5512.0)
  • Government Finance Statistics - Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. No. 5514.0)
  • Information Paper: Developments in Government Finance Statistics, Australia (Cat. No. 5516.0)
  • Information Paper: Accruals Based Government Finance Statistics, Australia (Cat. No. 5517.0)

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