Australian Government, 2005–06 Budget

National Competition Council

Section 1: Agency overview

The role of the National Competition Council (NCC) is to oversee and assist the implementation of National Competition Policy and related reforms as outlined in frameworks developed and agreed by all governments. Its responsibilities also include assisting public awareness of governments’ competition reform agendas, recommending on the design and coverage of infrastructure access regimes under Part IIIA of the Trade Practices Act 1974, and assessing whether the Australian Government, States and Territories have made satisfactory progress towards their commitments to competition policy reform.

Through constructive engagement with governments the NCC works towards completing the reform programme agreed in April 1995. The NCC also helps the community to become better attuned to the scope and potential favourable outcomes of competition reform. This approach facilitates increased competition where it will result in greater economic growth, less unemployment, better social outcomes and the better use of resources for the benefit of all Australians. This vision is embodied in the NCC’s mission: ‘To help raise the living standards of the Australian community by ensuring that conditions for competition prevail throughout the economy that promote growth, innovation and productivity’.

Table 1.1: Agency outcomes and output groups

Table 1.1:  Agency outcomes and output groups