Australian Government, 2005–06 Budget

Productivity Commission

Section 1: Agency overview

The Productivity Commission (the Commission) is the Australian Government’s principal review and advisory body on microeconomic policy and regulation. The Commission’s work covers all sectors of the economy. It extends to the public and private sectors and focuses on areas of Australian Government as well as state and territory responsibility.

As a review and advisory body the Commission does not have responsibility for implementing government programmes. It carries out research, inquiry, advising and incidental functions prescribed under the Productivity Commission Act 1998.

The Commission contributes to well-informed policy decision-making and public understanding on matters relating to Australia’s productivity and living standards, based on independent and transparent analysis from a community-wide perspective. It does this by undertaking:

  • government commissioned projects;
  • performance reporting and other services to government bodies;
  • regulation review activities;
  • competitive neutrality complaints activities; and
  • supporting research and activities and statutory annual reporting.

Table 1.1: Agency outcomes and output groups

Table 1.1:  Agency outcomes and output groups