Appendix H

Detailed economic forecasts
for 2008‑09

The table below shows the Government's macroeconomic forecasts. The Australian economy is expected to grow by 2¾ per cent in 2008‑09. More comprehensive information is provided in Budget Paper No. 1, Budget Strategy and Outlook 2008‑09, Statement 2.

Table: Detailed economic forecasts for 2008-09
  • (a) Calculated using original data.
  • (b) Chain volume measures, except for nominal gross domestic product which is in current prices.
  • (c) Excluding second‑hand asset sales from the public sector to the private sector and including the impact of the privatisation of Telstra.
  • (d) Percentage point contribution to growth in GDP
  • (e) The estimate in the final column is the forecast rate in the June quarter 2009.
  • (f) Through the year growth rate to the June quarter for 2006‑07 and 2007‑08.

  • Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics and Treasury.