Nation building infrastructure for productivity and prosperity

Table: Investing in Australia's critical economic infrastructure

Investing in Australia's critical economic infrastructure

The Government is supporting jobs today by building the infrastructure we need for tomorrow. Efficient infrastructure is essential to promoting Australia's future productivity and prosperity.

As a centrepiece of the 2009‑10 Budget, the Government is investing $22 billion to improve the quality, adequacy and efficiency of transport, communications, energy, education and health infrastructure across Australia — the building blocks of the future economy.

Investment in these critical economic infrastructure projects will provide a sustained boost to the economy now, building on economic stimulus measures already taken. In the longer term, it will enhance the productive capacity of the economy.

The Government's commitment to realising world‑class infrastructure will drive a more diverse, competitive and sustainable economy that generates substantial and lasting economic, social and environmental benefits.

The Government's investment in nation building infrastructure will support an average of around 15,000 jobs each year, peaking at around 18,000 in 2011‑12. In addition, the National Broadband Network will directly support up to 25,000 jobs every year on average over the life of the project.

These measures will help position Australia to take advantage of a bright future beyond the global recession.

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In its latest Going for Growth report, the OECD found investment in energy, water, transport and telecommunication networks can boost long-term economic output and productivity to a greater extent than other types of physical investment.