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N1 — Melbourne to Cairns

The Government is implementing the biggest road investment program in the nation's history.

$4.8 billion is allocated in 2009‑10.

The Government's total commitment amounts to $27.7 billion over six years.

The Government is acting to provide road infrastructure and safety upgrades across Australia.

Investing in Australia's roads

The Government is committed to realising its vision of a modern, efficient national transport network that supports future economic growth and prosperity.

The Government is investing $27.7 billion in road projects from the Building Australia Fund and Nation Building Program. A well‑functioning road network ensures more efficient movement of people and freight and helps drive national productivity.

N1, or Network 1, is the key north‑south road freight corridor stretching along the eastern seaboard from Melbourne to Cairns, including the Hume, Pacific and Bruce Highways and key feeder roads. It is one of Australia's busiest road networks and our most important freight route. However, some sections of the N1 pass through small towns and some sections are only single lane. This can present real safety hazards for vehicles travelling on these highways.

The Government has set a goal for first‑class N1. This involves completing duplications, three‑laning, bypasses, flood proofing, gradient reductions and other safety measures to improve the quality of this vital corridor.

Australian Government road funding

Chart: Australian Government road funding