Australian Government, 2010‑11 Budget

Statement 5:

This statement contains details of the estimates of Australian Government revenue.

Since the 2009‑10 Budget, taxation receipts have been revised up by around $100 billion (or 7 per cent of total taxes) over the five years 2008‑09 to 2012‑13 as the Australian economy has begun its recovery from the downturn. This includes around $60 billion of upward revisions since the Mid‑Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2009‑10 (MYEFO). Despite upward revisions since the 2009‑10 Budget, in total, revisions still result in tax receipts over the five years being around $110 billion lower than anticipated at the 2008‑09 Budget.

Receipts for 2009‑10 are expected to be in line with both the 2009‑10 Budget and the 2009‑10 MYEFO.

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