Investing in our sporting future

The Government is following up its record investment in community sporting infrastructure by boosting funding for community and elite sport by $325 million to $1.2 billion over the next four years.

The Government is focused on growing participation in our community and enhancing sporting pathways for the benefit of health and productivity, while also contributing to our sustained international success.

Support for community sport

To help create healthy communities, the Government will provide $71 million, for measures including:

  • access to coaching and officiating training for up to 45,000 people
  • funding for community and education initiatives for 28 national sporting organisations

This new spending builds on over $300 million provided to support

community sport and local clubs under the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure program, the single biggest investment in community sporting infrastructure.

Support for our elite athletes

To allow our elite athletes to continue to entertain and inspire us, over the next four years the Government will provide $237 million, including:

  • $52 million for the Australian Sports Commission's high performance programs
  • $124 million for: development of 112 national coaches; direct athlete support for up to 665 athletes; and 5,000 new talent identification and development opportunities
  • $62 million to continue support for the Australian Institute of Sport.

Support for our Paralympians

To ensure our Paralympic athletes can continue their remarkable achievements, the Government is providing almost $16 million for the Australian Paralympic Committee's high performance programs and to support the broadcast of the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Chart: A Major boost to sport funding

A major boost to sport funding