... balanced with extra services and support

The Government's Building Australia's Future Workforce package balances greater responsibility through increased participation requirements coupled with additional support such as training, child care and employment services, and greater rewards to work.

Activating disengaged youth

The Government will extend 'Earn or Learn' requirements to those aged 21. This is part of broader changes to Youth Allowance (other), which will delay eligibility for Newstart Allowance by one year and reward young workers with a more generous income test.

The Government will also provide $68 million to fund activities for Early School Leavers to help them develop basic employability skills.

The Government will provide $772 million to increase Family Tax Benefit Part A for dependent 16 to 19 year olds in full‑time secondary study, to help families meet costs and support their teenagers to stay in school.

The new Indigenous Youth Career Pathways Program will provide School Based Traineeships to assist the transition from school into further education and/or work.

Very long‑term unemployed

The Government will provide $95 million for wage assistance to reward employers who give a very long‑term unemployed person a job, and $133 million to fund increased work experience requirements from 6 months to 11 months in a year.

New approach to disadvantaged locations

The benefits of economic growth are uneven and entrenched disadvantage is concentrated in some areas.

From 1 January 2012, teenage parents on income support in 10 locations will have to agree a participation plan focused on the parent attaining Year 12 and school readiness for their children.

Jobless families in these locations with young children will be required to participate in interviews and workshops to improve school and employment readiness commencing on 1 July 2012.

The Government will also extend income management to five more sites and trial innovative service delivery.

Improving employment services

Following extensive consultation, the Government will introduce important enhancements that build on the current employment services arrangements.


Chart: Highest educational attainment of the very long-term unemployed

Highest educational attainment of the very long‑term unemployed