A Schooling Resource Standard based on need

New funding arrangements to support every student

The Government is investing an extra $9.8 billion dollars over six years from 2014‑15 through a new Schooling Resource Standard, designed to ensure every student in every school gets the support they need.

The system will deliver a per‑student level of funding based on current funding levels for high‑achieving, efficient schools. On top of this, additional funding will be provided to meet the costs of helping a child overcome disadvantage.

The Government has committed that no school will lose a dollar per student under these new arrangements — each year, every school will receive at least the per‑student funding level it received the previous year, plus indexation to cover real increases in costs.

New funding will be phased in over six years, to ensure this new investment is sustainable and to allow schools and systems time to adjust and make long‑term plans.

Example of needs-based funding for a rural independent primary school with 220 students of different needs and background

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