Appendix F Major savings in the 2013‑14 Budget

The table below provides a summary of major savings in the 2013‑14 Budget and their impact on the fiscal balance. More comprehensive information is provided in Budget Paper No. 2, Budget Measures 2013‑14.

Appendix F - Major savings in the 2013‑14 Budget
Strong and stable funding for DisabilityCare Australia
Medicare Levy increase dedicated to disability spending
Protecting the corporate tax base0.0108.4895.31,499.31,693.54,196.5
Tightening the rules to prevent profit shifting
Removal of immediate deductibility for expenditure on exploration rights and information
Amendments to improve the integrity of the consolidation regime
Targeting offshore marketing hubs and business restructures
Improving the operation of the Offshore Banking Unit regime
Improving the integrity of the foreign resident CGT regime
Preventing dividend washing
Funding our National Plan for School Improvement-1.0117.9459.8966.61,060.12,603.3
Student Start‑up Scholarships as income contingent loans
2% and 1.25% efficiency dividend for two years only for Higher Education additional funding
Cap deductions for work-related education expenses at $2,000
Not proceeding with the additional increase to FTB Part A0.0615.8623.3632.0646.42,517.5
Family payment reform-0.5154.6488.7742.8976.02,361.7
Increase FTB‑A to replace the baby bonus from 1 March 2014
Indexation pause extension for upper income test limits for family payments and supplements until the end of the forward estimates
Changes to Clean Energy Future package109.8191.8256.61542.31326.73,427.3
ODA - Deferring Australia's Growth Target0.00.0326.5688.2906.51,921.2
Sustainable health spending-0.1154.8335.3506.6736.81,733.4
Increase general threshold of Extended Medicare Safety Net
Realign indexation of MBS to financial year
Phase out net medical expense tax offset (NMETO)
Other revenue0.091.6538.71,494.2999.83,124.3
Monthly instalment payments (PAYG) for large taxpayers
Research and development (R&D) tax incentive savings
Import Processing Charge — ensuring full cost recovery
Total saves(a)383.32,148.49,397.415,581.616,649.044,159.8

(a) In underlying cash terms, the Budget delivers savings of $43 billion over five years.