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Australian Government Coat of Arms

Budget | 2015-16

Budget 2015-16
Australian Government Coat of Arms, Budget 2015-16

Connecting Australians

The Government is delivering on its commitment to build infrastructure to support economic growth, create jobs and link businesses to markets

The Government’s $50 billion infrastructure commitment is improving road and rail linkages in every state.

The right infrastructure will support Australia’s economic growth in the near term, and boost productivity over the medium to long term.

The Asset Recycling Initiative is freeing up states to invest in a range of productive infrastructure. The two agreements signed so far - with New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory - will generate more than $15 billion of additional infrastructure activity.

Planning for the Western Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek is continuing. Work has commenced on the $3.6 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

The Government is delivering the National Broadband Network faster and at less cost to taxpayers. Since September 2013, the NBN has more than tripled the number of homes and businesses that receive a service.

More than 413,000 premises are now connected, with an anticipated 3.1 million homes and businesses to have the NBN in place or under construction by September 2016.

The Government is also progressing its $100 million Mobile Black Spots Programme, with the first base stations under the programme expected to roll out in the second half of 2015.

The Government is ensuring that infrastructure regulatory settings support and promote competition. Following the release of the National Infrastructure Audit, Infrastructure Australia will work on a 15 year pipeline. This will give certainty to industry and help ensure public funding is used to deliver the best infrastructure at the right time.

The Harper Competition Review has provided a blueprint for further reforms that will ensure businesses and consumers have access to greater choice and better service levels.

The diagram illustrates that up to 3.1 million premises are expected have either a connection to the National Broadband Network, or be under construction, by September 2016.  It has a map of Australia with the infrastructure spending allocated to each state as well as the number of premises in each state with a connection to the National Broadband Network, or be under construction, by September 2016.  The numbers are as follows:State, Infrastructure Spending, NBN Premises (with a connection or under construction by September 2016). QLD, $13.4b, 575,200. NSW, $15b, 917,000. ACT, $0.3b, 98,800. VIC, $7.6b, 639,500. Tas, $1b, 171,100. SA, $2b, 253,400. WA, $5.2b, 388,300. NT, $0.6b, 43,500. A text box is shown below the diagram stating: The Government has a $50 billion package to 2020 for transport infrastructure to improve road and rail linkages in every state.  This includes a $3 billion commitment to East West Link. 
National Broadband Network construction underway by September 2016.