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Statement 5: Expenses and Net Capital Investment


Statement 5 presents estimates of general government sector expenses and net capital investment, allocated according to the various functions of government, on a fiscal balance basis. These functions are based on an international standard classification of functions of government that is incorporated into the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) reporting framework.

The first part of this statement provides information on trends in estimated expenses while the second part presents trends in net capital investment estimates. Estimates are on an Australian Government general government sector basis.

Statement 5 focuses on short to medium term trends in estimated expenses and their underlying drivers. Consistent with this emphasis, much of Statement 5 explains year on year changes across the forward estimates period.

The main trends are:

  • in 2016‑17 the social security and welfare, health, defence and education functions account for nearly two thirds of total expenses, with social security and welfare accounting for slightly more than one third of total expenses;
  • in real terms, the strongest growth across the budget and forward estimates is expected to occur in the social security and welfare function; and
  • net capital investment in 2016‑17 largely reflects continued investment in defence capital projects.