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Fact sheets

Jobs & growth
Fact sheet title PDF Download
Backing our FinTech industry 310KB
Defence Investment 240KB
Supporting Small Business 921KB
Youth Employment Package 266KB
Tax reforms
Fact sheet title PDF Download
A tax plan for small business 282KB
Ensuring businesses pay the right amount of tax 263KB
Tax Avoidance Taskforce 274KB
Less red tape for business 218KB
Making it easier to invest in Australia 229KB
Improved integrity for the consolidation regime 223KB
Making a start on personal income tax relief 229KB
Improving tax system governance 211KB
Promoting health by reducing smoking 294KB
Improving the integrity of the wine equalisation tax rebate and growing exports 266KB
Helping our craft spirit distillers export to markets around the world 412KB
Relieving the burden of tax on hard working Australians 231KB
Cracking down on tax avoidance 255KB
Superannuation reforms
Fact sheet title PDF Download
Super Fact Sheets (Consolidated download) 1.10MB
A superannuation system that is sustainable, flexible and has integrity 755KB
Introducing a $1.6 million transfer balance cap 272KB
Reforming the taxation of concessional contributions 240KB
Annual non‑concessional contributions cap 267KB
Changes to defined benefit schemes 242KB
Supporting Australians to save for their retirement by introducing the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset 228KB
Improving access to concessional contributions 229KB
Allowing catch‑up concessional contributions 249KB
Extending the spouse tax offset 238KB
Enhancing choice in retirement income products 236KB
Improve integrity of transition to retirement income streams 259KB
Improving governance and transparency 240KB
Impacts on key groups 222KB