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Your Budget 2017-18

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Budget Paper No. 1

Budget Strategy and Outlook 2017‑18

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Budget Paper No. 1: Budget Strategy and Outlook 2017‑18   2.4MB
Preliminaries 225KB 291KB
Statement 1: Budget Overview
Provides an overview of the economic and fiscal outlook. Discusses the Government's budget priorities and fiscal strategy.
179KB 361KB
Statement 2: Economic Outlook
Provides a discussion of the economic forecasts that underlie the Budget estimates. Discusses the outlook for the domestic and international economies, and provides medium-term projections.
1.9MB 261KB
Statement 3: Fiscal Strategy and Outlook
Provides a discussion of the Government's fiscal strategy, the major budget aggregates and changes in the fiscal outlook since the 2016‑17 MYEFO. Provides a discussion on the sensitivity of budget estimates to changes in economic conditions, and on confidence intervals around the economic and fiscal forecasts.
1.6MB 289KB
Statement 4: Recurrent and Capital Budget
Explains the net operating balance and sets out an analysis of how the Government funds its recurrent and capital spending. 
443KB 299KB
Statement 5: Revenue
A discussion of the changes in the revenue outlook.
1.0MB 338KB
Statement 5: Revenue - online supplementary tables    
Australian Government (cash) receipts [22KB XLSX]    
Major categories of (cash) receipts as a proportion of GDP [29KB XLSX]    
Australian Government (accrual) revenue [25KB XLSX]    
Major categories of (accrual) revenue as a proportion of GDP [25KB XLSX]    
Statement 6: Expenses and Net Capital Investment
Presents estimates of general government sector expenses and net capital investment, allocated according to the various functions of government, on a fiscal balance basis..
1.5MB 692KB
Statement 7: Debt Statement, Assets and Liabilities
Includes the Debt Statement and information on the major assets and liabilities on the Government’s balance sheet.
710KB 404KB
Statement 8: Forecasting Performance and Scenario Analysis
Provides details of the historical performance of Budget forecasts for the key macroeconomic aggregates of real and nominal GDP as well as for estimates of government receipts.
1.7MB 302KB
Statement 9: Statement of Risks
Discusses a range of factors that may influence the actual budget outcome in future years. This includes general fiscal risks, specific contingent liabilities and specific contingent assets.
355KB 553KB
Statement 10: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements
Provides a single set of financial statements and discusses reporting standards, budget concepts and major budget aggregates.
1.2MB 457KB
Statement 11: Historical Australian Government Data
Reports historical data for the Australian Government fiscal aggregates across the general government, public non‑financial corporations and non-financial public sectors.
861KB 304KB