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Your Budget 2017-18

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Budget Paper No. 3

Federal Financial Relations 2017‑18

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Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations 2017‑18   952KB
Preliminaries and Foreword 219KB 319KB
Part 1: Australia's Federal Relations 248KB 169KB
Part 2: Payments for specific purposes 170KB 150KB
Health 669KB 169KB
Education 264KB 150KB
Skills and Workforce Development 117KB 95KB
Community services 262KB 134KB
Affordable housing 164KB 124KB
Infrastructure 367KB 158KB
Environment 386KB 153KB
Contingent payments 110KB 92KB
Other national partnership payments 288KB 132KB
Part 3: General Revenue Assistance 274KB 175KB
Part 4: Developments in the Consolidated Non-Financial Public Sector 1.1MB 179KB
Appendix A: Parameters and Further Information 130KB 87KB
Appendix B: Total Payments to the States by Government Finance Statistics Function* 246KB 120KB
Appendix C: Supplementary Tables* 402KB 103KB
Appendix D: Debt Transactions* 531KB 100KB
Appendix E: Appropriations and conditions* 107KB 57KB

* Online only