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Your Budget 2017-18

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Budget Paper No. 4

Agency Resourcing 2017‑18

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Budget Paper No. 4: Agency Resourcing 2017‑18   2.1MB
Preliminaries 215KB 132KB
Preface 308KB 154KB
Introduction and Guide to Budget Paper No.4 10MB 1.3MB
Part 1: Agency Financial Resourcing 70KB 117KB
Overview of the Agency resourcing table 1.9MB 227KB
Overview of the Special appropriations table 67KB 56KB
Summary of the Special appropriations table 379KB 140KB
Overview of the Special accounts table 72KB 61KB
Special accounts table 1.2MB 170KB
Part 2: Staffing of Agencies 314KB 132KB
Part 3: Expenses and Net Capital Investment 326KB 136KB
Appendix A: Agency Outcome Statements 285KB 136KB