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Your Budget 2017-18

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Budget overview

This Budget is the next stage in the Government's economic plan, building on commitments from the 2016-17 Budget and the 2016 election.

Fully funding the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Government is sustainably funding and safeguarding the NDIS

Australians with permanent and significant disability can be assured of access to vital care and support, with the Government fully funding the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Commonwealth and State and Territory governments are committed to delivering the NDIS across the country, with the Government recently finalising negotiations with the Western Australian Government on a nationally consistent, state-delivered NDIS.

The NDIS will be delivered in full from 2020.

Funding the NDIS

To secure the Commonwealth’s contribution to funding the NDIS, from 1 July 2019 the Medicare levy will increase by half a percentage point from 2 to 2.5 per cent of taxable income. This means that one fifth of the revenue raised by the Medicare levy will be directed to the NDIS Savings Fund, to ensure the Commonwealth’s NDIS contribution is fully funded.

Safeguarding the Scheme

The Government is providing $209 million to establish an independent NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission to oversee the delivery of quality and safe services for NDIS participants.

The Commission is an essential part of a national system to support NDIS participants, carers and providers – upholding the standards that participants deserve, and ensuring clarity on the rights and responsibilities of participants, providers and their staff.

Boosting local care workforce

The Government will also invest $33 million over three years to help deliver jobs for people in the disability and aged care sectors, targeting rural, regional and suburban areas that require strong workforce growth as a result of the NDIS roll out.

From 2019-20, the combination of repurposing existing Commonwealth disability spend and the Commonwealth's share of the DCAF cannot cover the Commonwealth's contribution to the NDIS. This funding gap opens in 2019-20 and accumulates to over $55 billion by 2027-28.

With the funds directed to the NDIS Savings Fund, the NDIS is fully funded over the medium term.

Note: The NDIS Savings Fund includes one-fifth of the Medicare levy from 1 July 2019, underspends and realised saves redirected to the NDIS Savings Fund, and uncommitted funds from the Building Australia Fund and Education Investment Fund.