Budget Paper No. 3

Federal Financial Relations 2018-19

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Budget Paper No. 3: Federal Financial Relations 2018-19   727KB
Preliminaries and Foreword 248KB 156KB
Part 1: Australia's Federal Relations 274KB 168KB
Part 2: Payments for specific purposes** 2.32MB 417KB
Health 640KB 137KB
Education** 274KB 91KB
Skills and workforce development 111KB 66KB
Community services 239KB 84KB
Affordable housing 225KB 84KB
Infrastructure 430KB 111KB
Environment 416KB 109KB
Contingent payments 337KB 93KB
Part 3: General revenue assistance 249KB 105KB
Part 4: Developments in the Consolidated Non-Financial Public Sector 1.01MB 150KB
Appendix A: Parameters and Further Information 120KB 80KB
Appendix B: Total payments to the States by function* 240KB 66KB
Appendix C: Supplementary Tables* 406KB 99KB
Appendix D: Debt Transactions* 540KB 112KB
Appendix E: Appropriations and Conditions* 71KB 72KB

* Online only
** Footnote (a) to Table 2.5: Payments to support State education services, has been corrected and differs from that published in the printed version.